Alcohol Shopper

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The Humble Beginnings…

It was a lazy summer night with a slight breeze - the type of night that dreams are made of. In the small town of Caseville, a young man was about to stumble on a question that would take nearly two years to solve...

Our founder, inquisitive by nature, stumbled upon a question that even the most adept mathematicians would struggle with. Armed with a pencil and a paper plate, our hero tried to compare the alcohol content per dollar between a fifth of whiskey, and our lovely friend- the 30 pack of Milwaukee's Best.

A noble quest lay ahead, with many obstacles lay in the way. Standard to Metric volume conversions, multiplication AND division, The inevitable distractions that comes with the proximinity of alcohol, etc... Our hero struggled at his quest for many months, until he finally enlisted help in the form of computers. With the computers doing the math, our founder could finally compare our fifth of Kesslers at $.884 per pure oz of alcohol to $.678 for 'The Beast'.

A clear winner had been determined, however our hero had now progressed onto bigger and better alcohol bottles. Half gallons, kegs, and 40's - our hero needed one system to analyze all of these containers. With a little help from his roomate, our hero formed the original AlcoholShopper C++ program.

With such a gift to humanity, the roomates knew they had to spread their gift to the world. A third member was enlisted to help spread their knowledge to the world. was finally created. To help spread the word, a fourth member of the group was recruited to add his expertise in advertising to ensure that alcoholshopper continues to grow.