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Alcohol Shopper Tools

Here at Alcohol Shopper, we are busy devising tools that allow men to use computers to advance their drinking practices. We have designed three tools, all in 'beta' mode, so any feedback is greatly appreciated if the tools are used. Our first tool is the Instant Calculator. Our second tool is the Party Planner, and along the same lines our third tool is the Trip Planner.

The Instant Calculator was our first tool, and it just replicated the tables that are found on Alcohol Shopper. The advantage is that one doesn't have to submit the drink, and wait for our approval, to see the results. The Instant Calculator can compare 5 drinks at a time, where one must input the size, alcohol content, and price. There is also a name field that does not affect the output but is convenient for comparing purposes. Click Here to use the Instant Calculator.

Our second tool on Alcohol Shopper is the Party Planner. The Party Planner is useful for those who are planning on throwing a party, but do not know how much alcohol will ne be necessary. This tool uses the estimates that users submit to give an estimate on the amount needed, and transforms these numbers into sizes that people can understand. One can choose what kind of alcohol they would like to serve. We encourage anyone that uses the Party Planner to tell us the results of their use, to help us fine tune and improve the functions behind it. Click Here to use the Party Planner.

Currently our last tool, the Trip Planner is very similar to the Party Planner, with a few addition features. Anyone planning a trip can input many of the same information as the Party Planner, with the additional type of trip and number of days. This Planner works in the same way of the Party Planner, and we also encourage user feedback to help improve our algorythms. Click Here to use the Trip Planner.