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Fourth Estate Jello Shots

Fourth Estate
Vodka, lots of it

These are much like normal jello shots except are a bit more potent. First boil the water that the package says(1 cup for small packages, two for large ones). Once you mix it with the jello, get a cup of vodka and slowly pour it into the mixture. As you are pouring the vodka, take your handle and also pour it into the mix. Once you are done pour the cup of vodka in, give the handle one big squeeze. This should put about 1.5 cups of vodka at least into the mixture. Next put the jello into the freezer, this will make sure the least amount of alcohol evaporates and that the jello forms quicker. After one hour, remove from the freeze and put in the refrigerator. Should take about an hour or two more before they are ready to eat. Great snack, you barely taste the vodka and the ladies love them.