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Slap the Bag


Get yourself a few friends and some boxed wine of your choosing. First, remove the plastic bag of wine from the cardboard. Then, with everyone standing around in a big circle, have one or two people hold the bag up in the air. When it is your turn you must first (1) chug some of the wine and then (2) wind up and slap the bag as HARD AS POSSIBLE. Don't worry about breaking the bag -- it is completely indestructible. Just hit it with an open hand and make a really loud SMACK. Everyone else in attendance then gets to decide if you did well (long enough chug, hard enough slap) -- if they deem your turn acceptable, it is the next person's go at the bag; otherwise, you've got to go again until you get it right. VARIANTS: - Force the bag to be slapped in a certain way (e.g. with a bare foot, through the legs, with pants around ankles). - Have people slap the bag in order to be ALLOWED to chug. - Have two bags, one to chug from and one to slap, and separate them across a room. Place obstacles (spikes and/or fat chicks) in the path from one to the other.