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Die is a drinking sport, the drinking sport. It is played on two tables that are lined up back to back in a basement or any other enclosed area and there are two teams of two or one on one. The object of the game is to throw the die off the cieling or within six inches and have it bounce in front of the cups and go off the end of the table. the cups are placed on the table one arm length from the edge of the table and two fists from the side edge of the table. on one on one, the cup is placed in the middle of the table, one arms length in. Vocab: Drink- a quarter of your beer Bizz- five Buzz- seven OB- Out of bounds, goes off the side of the table Behind- goes behind the cups Heinous- does not hit the tables Plink- the die hits your cup, there can be a double plink Plunk- the die goes indside your beer Knockover- the die or anything else knocks over your beer if the die goes off the end of the table and your opponent catches it, nothing happens, play resumes and he throws it. if he drops it, you are awarded a point and they take a drink. the game goes up to bizz or buzz, the number is set before the game begins. if the die goes off the side of the table, this is an OB. once your team reaches three OBs, you take a drink. if the die goes behind or heinous, your team drinks. if there is a plink, if your opponents catch it or it stays on the table and lands up bizz, your team drinks, if that does not happen, they drink. a double plink is when both cups are hit and this equals two drinks. if there is a plunk, both players on the team that got plunked chug their beers and the player with the die in their cup spits the die on the table. if it lands bizz up, that team chugs again, if not, they fill up and resume play. if there is a knockover, the partner of the player whose cup got knocked over finishes there beer, and then both fill up and chug their beer, then fill up and continue play. socials are called when you hit a predetermined object, like a cup on the ceiling, and in that instance, every player takes a drink. in the game, you can not say five or seven, bizz and buzz must be used, breaking this rule means a drink for every utterance of bizz and/or buzz. oppossing players can and are encouraged to trick others into saying five or seven. number one rule of die, cheat when you can. number two rule God is never fallible. a God watches over tournament games and games that are highly contestable. number three rule, after every drink there must be a wave on before play resumes. this is done by the player with the die holding it up and the player that is catching it to wave his hand towards him and accepting it, saying "bring it on" is also acceptable. the order of die is important and stays the same in the game, the person who commences die throws it to the person directly across from him, he throws it to the person sitting diagonally from him, who throws it to the person sitting across from him, who throws it to the person who commences it.