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Speed Quarters

Night Train: The Finest of the Bum Wine

Speed Quarters is played with a table, two quarters, and two empty cups or shot glasses (For more players use more quarters and more cups/shot glasses). There is also a community pitcher or shot glass for the loser to drink. There should be at least four players around the table. Two players on opposite sides start to try and bounce their quarter into a cup/shot glass as quickly as possible. When a player gets their quarter into the cup, they pass the quarter and the cup to their left. If a player ever has both quarters at the same time, they lose. This happens when the person to their right makes their cup and stacks it on the shooter’s cup. The loser has one shot at the stacked cup. If the shooter makes it, they choose who drinks. If they miss, they drink. Whoever drinks decides how far up the community pitcher/shot glass is refilled up and with what. If the drinker of any round cannot finish their drink they are booted from the game and in general fail at life. The beauty of the game is that is underlying purpose is to make sure you drink heavily.