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Circle of Death (PSK Mu Septaton style)


Traditionally, the game is played with three people. It is best for a group of people who are late for a party or the bar and want to pregame. You take two cups (any size, but 16 oz cups recommended) and fill them 2/3 with a liquor of your choice (something at least 70 proof). Fill the remaining third of each cup with a mixer of your choice. Now youre ready to begin... Two people will drink at one time. Each drink should be a large "gulp" and then you pass the cup to the person to your right. Basically, the rotation pattern becomes "Gulp, Gulp, Pass." This will allow one person to rest for about five seconds before they are drinking again. It should be done fairly quickly and the pace should be kept. Once the cups are finished, the game is over, and you should proceed to the bars or party quickly. Getting there fast is strongly encouraged, because odds are you will be falling off the sidewalk by the time you get there if the game is played properly. Have fun. Drink responsibly. Note: The game can be played with more people, but adjust the number of cups used accordingly. For example, if 5 people are playing, use 4 cups, if 10 people play, use about 6 or 7 cups... Be careful though, don't kill yourself.