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Civil War


If you can, have two different colored cups for this game... if not, no loss. Basically a large scale beer pong game. Divide up everyone into two teams, the more the better, but no less than a total of 6 players. Put enough tables together so each person has enough space to stand comfortably at the table. Each player forms a 6-cup triangle and divides a beer into those six cups. If you are playing with six people, use three balls; if eight people, four balls, etc. It doesn't matter which people start with the ping pong balls but each team should start with an equal amount. The game starts, and you can aim for any set of cups on the opposite side of the table, not just who is across from you. Note: water cups are entirely useless in this game. Here's why: You can shoot any ball that comes your direction. If more than one ball finds itself in your possession, give it to a teammate or hold on to it. This is a fast game. You can only not shoot when someone has made your cup, and you must finish your drink before continuing to shoot. You are out when all your cups have been sunk, yet you are still allowed to retrieve balls for teammates. Game continues until a complete team is knocked out. For added fun, and to make it truly like 'civil war', use long tables. In the center of the table, place two cups back to back. For each team, the front cup is 'their' cup and the far cup the other team's cup. At any point in the game, you can shoot for the other team's cup; if you make it, you can call anyone out on that team to take a shot of liquor, but if you make your own cup, YOU have to take a shot.