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Edward 40-Hands


A fairly new tradition and a sort of homage to all of those who sport the Colt 45, Edward 40-Hands is one of the most intense drinking games around. The intensity does not lay in the amount of alcohol consumed, but the conditions that one is supressed to while playing. The game is designed around the fairly old Tim Burton movie of a character that has scissors for hands. The setup of the game is important. One must have duct tape and two forty's per person, preferably of something very cheap (King Cobra or Colt 45). I have heard of some players using beer, however I hope this trend dies out quickly, as malt liquor is a must with Edward 40-Hands. One must duct tape the 40's to their hands, making them unable to use their fingers while the game is taking place. One must drink the 40s before they are again allowed to use their hands. This is usually not a problem until the second 40, when the taste causes a nauseous feeling and the bladder forces one to finish. This game separates the men from the boys, with its nearly unbearable conditions. The alcohol consumed is nothing to laugh at either- 80 ounces surpasses a power hour in consumption and the malt liquor greatly surpasses beer in alcohol content.