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Beer Pong

The Phantom

Materials: 1. A table roughly the length of a ping-pong table (you can be creative) 2. Ping-pong balls 3. Cups 4. Beer Rules: Assemble into teams of two. On opposite ends of the table place 6 (10 if you wish) cups in triangle formation, each half-filled with beer. Each member of each team throws the ball once trying to get the ball into one of the cups on the opposing team’s side. If they get it in the cup the other team has to chug the cup, and remove it from play. The first team to eliminate the other team’s cups wins. Variations: Teams may bounce it in and it counts as eliminating two cups, but the defending team may block it after a bounce. If you knock a cup over you must then chug a beer, but it doesn’t count for eliminating a cup. If both members of a team score in the same turn, the other team forfeits their turn.