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this game is sort of a spin off from circle of death, in the sense of "giving out" drinks. using a standard 52 card deck, or more if you can seriously drink, lay out all of the cards randomly face down in the center of the table or playing surface. starts off by anyone picking a card and turning it over... . the person drawing a black card of either suit 1-10 can give out drinks to the other players to the amount on the card, if they draw a red card of either suit 1-10 then the person who drew it drinks the amount of the card. if a jack is drawn that is called "waterfalls" and everyone begins drinking, but the person to the left of whoever drew the jack can not stop drinking until the drawer does and the person to their left can not stop drinking until they do and so on and so forth around the circle of people. if a queen is drawn that is called "category" and the one who drew it picks a category(example:liquor) and then to the left people name 1 kind of liqour all the way around and it goes around as many times until someone cant think of another, in which case that person drinks how many ever times was designated by the drawer before they picked the category. if a king is picked its called "rules" and that person drawing the king makes up a rule(example:no questions can be asked in the game anymore, or u have to take the little guy off your beer before you drink and put him back on afterwards,etc..) and they make up a drink amount if someone is to break the rule.and finally if an ace is drawn that is called "social" and everyone puts their drinks up and everyone takes a drink(no specific number or anything, unless you want to make one). everyone draws 1 card for their turn around the circle until the cards are all drawn, and after each card drawn the appropriate activity(of the ones listed above) must be done. yes, this game takes a little getting used to and might be pretty confusing at first but when everyone gets the hang its a lot of fun!